Our Story

Alison Cheroff and her husband Michael Wilson have teamed up to publish a new kind of piano book: one that has beautiful art, an engaging story and a pedagogy that allows the students to understand the basics of sight reading and coordinate movement. 

Wom-Woco Publishing:   Alison's husband, Michael, also a musician and composer, decided to take the plunge into the world of engraving and publishing music in order to realize this Banana Book.

Starting at age six, our daughter Keira began composing songs and duets that will now be part of books 2 and 3 in the banana saga. 

The name Wom-Woco Publishing comes from a fun and silly song on page 19 called, Dancing the Wom-Woco on Uracoconutus.

Bananas Hardly Say Anything During the Day is the first in a planned series of  beginning piano books that include piano music and original water color paintings by Alison Cheroff.  

These songs have been tried and tested on students of all ages for eight years.  The songs are very easy in the beginning, yet each one builds in a logical and effective pedagogical way.  Adult beginners love the book, too.  Students sound good right away when the teacher plays the duets.

The story begins with  Grandnana telling her story about their banancestors:  five Banana Souls who journey from the realm of Oob to earth.   When the Soul of Borgy finds his purpose--to turn himself into a banana seed--his soulmates help him on his journey to earth.

Alison is delighted that her book has inspired students to compose music story books of their own.

Concert pianist Alison Cheroff, MA, has been teaching piano for over 30 years.   She has given master classes to teachers and students in the USA and abroad.  Many years ago, Alison felt that she needed to teach from a piano book that was pedagogically sound, yet would also touch the imagination of students with a story and lovely artwork.   

Alison's specialty is helping pianists and other musicians to free themselves from pains such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis as a result of  incoordinate playing.  This approach allows the pianist to express the music with freedom and mastery.  Bananas Hardly Say Anything During the Day is one of the few piano books that shows pictures of a natural hand position, and includes some beginning concepts about how to play without twisting the wrist or curling the fingers.  To learn more about Alison's teaching and the Taubman Approach, you can visit her website at: http://www.thepainfreepianist.com